Thickness detecting and sorting equipment

Shortage or overage of enclosures is measured automatically.

By installing this equipment in the processes after the inserting and sealing machines process or during the process of sealing envelopes where enclosures are manually inserted, shortage or overage of enclosures is measured automatically. By validating the faulty sorting gate, the faulty items causing excess or shortage of enclosures are sorted by being dropped into the lower pockets compulsorily.
Since digital high accuracy displacement sensors are used for detection, even a thin cut sheet can also be detected correctly.

Main features:

  • By pressurizing specific positions while measurement objects are traveling, they can be measured under the same conditions.
  • In case any faulty work is detected, a buzzer sounds to indicate the faulty status.
  • Measurement positions can be adjusted back and forth and from side to side so as to move to desired positions.
  • Paper thickness can be set to various lines to be measured.
  • Measurement results are displayed instantly.


Detection and sorting performance 12,000 mail items/hour
Range of subjects From standard N4 envelopes and their equivalents to non-standard K1 envelopes
Measurement method Pressurized touch method to head subjects
Measurement type Shortage or overage relevant to normal values of enclosures and its status are displayed.
Limit of measurement Within 6mm
Measurement accuracy 50 microns (equivalent to 1/2 that of copy paper)
Power supply AC100V 10A
Machine size Width 720, length 750, and travel surface height 850mm

* For detailed specifications, please consult us separately.