High-speed automatic case sealing machine MS-120

Suitable for high volume processing.

This is an industrial high speed automatic case sealing machine suitable for high volume processing, and has proved very effective in labor saving for applying glue and for the sealing of various formed envelopes. Since general-purpose type shuttle feeders are used, high speed processing is possible regardless of the size of objects being processed, and the highest processing capacity is 17,000 mail items per hour, a very high performance.

Main features:

  • Both end-opening and side-opening envelopes can be processed.
  • Envelopes from standard N4 to non-standard K0 can be processed.
  • Water glued envelopes can also be processed.
  • It can be used for folding back envelope flaps.
  • There is no bend after sealing, and the quality is constant.
  • This machine can produce 4 times or more that of manual feeding.


Processing capacity 17,000 mail items/hour
Envelope size N4 to K0
Thickness that sealing can be processed 0.1 to 12m
Flap length 10 to 50mm
Machine size Length 3100 x width 600 x travel surface height 850mm
Power supply Single phase 200V 10A

* For detailed specifications, please consult us separately.