Shuttle type high-speed sheet feeder

The sorting performance is 300 sheets per minute.

This equipment feeds target sheets to be counted, one sheet at a time, correctly at a high speed of 300 sheets per minute, and sorts them into a set number of sheets by units. By inputting the desired set number for the sorted number of sets, the equipment will stop automatically when the set number is reached. Also, the total number of sheets of counting works can be counted. It can be used with a wide range, from thin paper sheets to thick magazines.
It also has flexibility of form and size. By connecting to delivery conveyors, it is extremely labor saving in terms of counting and sorting works.

Main features:

  • It can correctly feed a variety of materials, from thin paper such as gift wrapping paper up to booklets of 12mm thickness.
  • It can deal with a variety of sizes, from 90 x 70mm to 380 x 300mm.
  • Batch processing, such as making 50 sets of 100 sheets, is possible.
  • Continuous counting up to 1 million mail items is possible.
  • Down time can be varied up to 5 seconds and set to desired values.
  • 2-sheets feeding or faulty feeding are detected reliably and counted correctly.
  • There is a wide range of materials that can be applied such as postcards, envelopes, sheet paper, cards, gift wrapping paper, quires, and magazines, and this equipment can also be used as a high-speed sheet feeder.


Processing capacity 20,000 mail items/hour (during continuous operation)
Handling size 90 x 70 to 380 x 300mm
Quality of paper 400kg paper or more
Power supply Three-phase 200V 10A (also available for 100V specification)

* For detailed specifications, please consult us separately.