High-speed automatic labeling machine

It applies mailing labels correctly.

This machine is a high-speed labeling machine that correctly applies mailing labels in the predetermined position on items such as postcards, envelopes, and magazines, and after the mailing labels are correctly applied the items are collected on stacking trays.
This machine incorporates labeling heads equivalent to the model 211 products manufactured by Kirk Rudi, and has a good track record over many years, high reliability, and high-speed processing capacity, and many functions such as the vertical adjustment function of the head according to the thickness of the item to be applied, the position adjusting function of back and forth or side to side of the labels to be applied on the items, and a means of detection for preventing failures to apply labels, and an error detection function.
For the drive motors, inverter motors are used so that the rotation speed can be changed to attain stabilized operation and extend the life of the equipment.


The highest processing capacity 18,000 mail items/hour
Mail size 90 x 100mm to 300 x 360mm
Mail thickness 0.1 to 12mm
Label size Horizontal: 2.6' to 4.5', vertical: 1.5', 2'
Label format 3, 4 lines
Machine size 780 (W) x 2.960 (L) x 850mm (H)
Machine gross weight 500Kg
Power supply AC200V three-phase 15A

* For detailed specifications, please consult us separately.