Window section inspecting and processing equipment

Recognizes and processes characters (letters and numbers) at high speed.

The printed numbers, special characters, etc. in the envelopes processed by the inserting and sealing machines, the sealed envelopes where enclosures are manually inserted, and the labeling of processed envelopes are read with character reading and recognition equipment. Then, number sorting, sequence number inspection, code number inspection recording, front /back distinction, etc. are processed at high speed.
By unifying with thickness detecting and sorting equipment, the data inspected and sorted by such equipment can also be made uniform.

Inspection functions:

  • Sequence number inspection
  • Random number inspection
  • Postal code sorting
  • Pattern matching


Processing capacity 12,000 mail items/hour
Range of subjects From standard N4 envelopes and their equivalents to non-standard K1 envelopes.
Reading method Pattern matching
Character type that can be read OCR-A, OCR-B, SEMI, and MICR are incorporated.
Other fonts can be processed by registering in advance.
Printing level Clear characters printed by printers or laser beam printers, etc.
Recommended dimensions Height: 2.8mm, width:1.5mm and more (8 points or more)
Character position Characters should be 5mm or more from window frame edge.
Machine size Width 720, length 750, and travel surface height 850mm
Power supply 100V 10A

* For detailed specifications, please consult us separately.