Inserting and sealing machine for both standard and non-standard end-opening envelopes

This is the newest inserting and sealing machine with features that conventional machines do not have.

This machine is the newest inserting and sealing machine with high flexibility and features not found in conventional machines, enabling processing of both large end-opening envelopes K2 and standard side-opening envelopes by changing the setup. This feature was realized by adding a variety of reconstructions to the existing inserting and sealing machine for end-opening envelopes (Mail ROBO 4500 type) that we currently manufacture and sell.


Processing capacity 4500 mail items/hour
Size that can be processed Envelope size
  1. Vertical envelopes from N3 to K2
  2. Standard side-opening envelopes (Horizontal envelopes)
Enclosure size 90 x 140 to 220 x 297mm, feeding from both vertical and longitudinal directions
Enclosure thickness 0.05 to 10mm (per feeder)
Thickness that can be inserted 0.08 to 12mm
Number of enclosures This can be varied from 1 to 12.
Shape of flap Lifted and folded
Sealing method Application of emulsion (bond) adhesive
Machine size Due to these being custom-made products, the size is based on designs following discussions.
Optional equipment Window section inspecting and processing equipment, thickness detecting and sorting equipment, weighing equipment, counting and sorting conveyor, etc.

* For detailed specifications, please consult us separately.