Mail ROBO 4500 series inserting and sealing machine for end-opening envelopes

The functions, designed to be flexible and practical, are unbeatable.

Mail ROBO 4500 series inserting and sealing machine for end-opening envelopes has a variety of outstanding features and functions that conventional machines and machines made by other manufacturers did not have, and is used by many loyal customers. The functions, designed to be flexible and practical, are unbeatable.




Main features:

  • Inserting and sealing can be processed for various sized envelopes, from standard N3 to non-standard K2.
    By changing the setup of one machine, inserting and sealing can be processed for various sized envelopes, from N3 (120 x 235) and K6 (162 x 229) for small size to K2 (240 x 332) for large size.
  • Enclosures can be stably fed, from small size such as ticket size to large size such as A4 size, and from 45kg paper to a 12mm booklet for paper thickness.
    In addition to the above mentioned features, feeding of Z-folded or accordion folded catalogs, very thin strips of paper, and from cut sides of booklets (direction which has not been filed) can be processed. The flexibility and handling capabilities for various enclosure materials are unparalleled.
  • Inserting other enclosures into half-folded A3 papers (folded to A4 size) and parallel folded A4 papers, etc. can also be processed.
    Collating standard and non-standard size enclosures and inserting other catalogs into the gap made by rolling up the cover of thin booklets of less than 30 pages can be processed, enabling dramatic expansion of the use applications.
  • Inserting and sealing of standard side-opening envelopes (Y0) can also be processed. However, flaps should be lifted.
    Only this machine can insert and seal both end-opening and side-opening envelopes. This was realized by adopting a bottom-feed type shuttle feeder for the sheet feeders.
  • Many materials adhered by emulsion bond adhesive, water glue, starch glue, etc. can be adapted for the sealing process.
    Applying water can also be processed.

Examples for use applications:

  • Inserting guarantees of home appliance products into N4 envelopes
  • Inserting and sealing tax notices into small envelopes
  • Inserting notebooks and folding flaps
  • Inserting and sealing usage statements of phone, gas, and electricity bills, etc.
  • Inserting catalogs and pamphlets of mail orders and correspondence courses
  • Rolling-up covers of booklets and inserting materials
  • Collating and gathering trading cards
  • Collating calendars
  • Inserting school educational materials into bags
  • Inserting and dispatching newspapers and periodical materials
  • Inserting various guidance leaflets (marriage information etc.) into document bags
  • Name identifications (grouping) by interfacing with bar codes and OCR reading equipment, etc., selecting insertion, matching and sorting process, and on-line unified management system are constructed.
  • Inserting instruction manuals, etc. into clear files

Delivery examples:

These machines are used by many loyal users, and we have acquired a strong reputation with them.
(Printing industries, bookbinding industries, financial institutions, insurance companies, security firms, business form printing industries, mail order companies, correspondence courses, various schools, publishing companies, transportation industries, newspaper publishing companies, governmental and municipal offices, information and telecommunications companies, packing industries, home appliance manufacturers, paperwork companies, paper processing companies, tourist industries, game machine manufacturers, company health insurance societies, private preparatory schools, phone and telegraph companies, data processing industries, etc.)


Model name Mail ROBO 4500 (multi-station type)
Processing capacity 4500 mail items/hour
Number of enclosures 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Enclosure size Width 90mm x height 140mm to width 235 x height 315mm (A4 modified size)
Enclosure thickness 0.1mm to 12mm
Envelope size Envelopes of size width 120mm x length 235mm (N3) to width 254mm x length 335mm (K2 modified size), third class open envelopes can be processed.
Envelope flap length 20mm or more. However, it varies according to envelope sizes.
Margin between envelopes and enclosures Twice the enclosure thickness + 10mm or more
Machine size Length 2400mm x width 3400mm x height 1040mm (in case of 4-station machine). This varies according to the number of stations.
Power supply Three-phase 200V 25A (in case of 4-station machine)
Option Conveyor (length 1500mm)

* For detailed specifications, please consult us separately.